Why Omni? Features, pricing, support.

Omni is extremely easy to use. Omni understands that you are a business owner, a marketer and not a computer programmer. With that in mind, Omni created the User Interface. Omni offers the best price around, so it’s easy on your budget, too.


Did I mention Omni is the best priced text marketing solution? With rollover credits, you’ll never be the victim of expiring credits.

Support, Support, Support

Omni’s founders were full time customer support (and customer success) professionals. Without a doubt, you won’t find better support than with Omni (and...wait for it...it’s absolutely FREE). Even though Omni is so easy to use, sometimes you’ll want to bounce ideas off of somebody or learn text marketing best practices - that’s what Omni is here for and we love talking to customers about specific marketing challenges and solutions/ideas.

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